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**Note: Group meetings have been paused for 2020. We hope to resume via webinars in early 2021. **

The SGIG will provide a forum to connect UMN researchers from different disciplines with experts in spatial genomics and with UMN core facilities, who will coordinate the efforts and workflows for this multi-disciplinary field. The purpose of the group is to provide structured roundtable discussions and collaboration among interested parties that will enable – as seamlessly as possible – the implementation and adoption of spatial genomic technologies for the UMN research community.

Technologies: NanoString, 10X Genomics, CARTANA, and ReadCoor
Cores: UMN Genomics Center, UMN Imaging Center, BioNet, MSI
Meetings will be monthly and each meeting will highlight a particular spatial technology. 

Main Activities

  • Attendees will share their experiences and results with nascent spatial genomics technologies with the entire SGIG group.
  • Cores and vendors will assist early adopters in evaluating technologies and will assist with their initial experimental plan (number of samples, technique sharing, QC checkpoints, sequencing depth, etc).
  • The entire group will provide guidance and information on how researchers can apply a spatial genomic technology to achieve a specific research goal.
  • Vendors will present (via teleconference) technical details about how to get started with their technologies (experimental set-up, sample requirements, reagents, analysis, troubleshooting, etc.)
  • The entire group with discuss proposals for funding equipment and resources for spatial genomics (e.g., AIAC grant opportunities).
  • Outcome: Dialogue and cooperation among the core labs providing tissue and microscopic services, next-generation sequencing, and analysis.

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