Summer 2019 Newsletter

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Innovation Lab | UMGC launches Innovation Lab

Led by Dr. Daryl Gohl, the UMGC Innovation Lab is a research group focused on developing high-impact and novel technologies for genomics research, including improvements to microbiome measurements, development of synthetic standards for NGS applications, tool development for functional genomics, and long-read and single-cell sequencing applications. Read more about their successes and future goals.


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Next-Generation Sequencing | 34% Reduction in NovaSeq S1 rates for UMN

The NovaSeq and NextSeq have seen a decrease in rates this year to provide lower pricing. There has been a 34% reduction in rates for an S1 2x150 PE NovaSeq flow cell, dropping to $21/GB, or with the ultra high-capacity S4 flow cell, $13/Gb. For projects needing a lower output, the UMGC offers the SP flow cell with a faster turnaround than the 8-lane HiSeq. Current rates.


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Extraction Services | 45,000 Samples, a Record Year for the UMGC

With the need for high-quality plant and microbiome DNA extractions on the rise, and with investigators wanting to outsource time-consuming and laborious extraction protocols, the UMGC’s extraction team processed 45,000 samples in the past year, doubling the number from the previous year. Learn more on how this service can benefit your research.


Spring GenoPitch Winners

Congrats to grad student Rodrigo Zorrilla Gonzalez (Travisano Lab) for winning the GenoPitch Audience Choice Award on his 5-minute pitch to study El Churince microbial community compositions and nutrient dynamics, and also to PI Dr. Pawel Mroz on his winning pitch on haplotype phasing of CEPBA mutations in acute myeloid leukemia. Each will receive $2,500 in UMGC services to support their research project. Past list of GenoPitch winners.

CoreBiome Receives Innovation Award for Outstanding Research

At the Inventor Recognition Event in April, UMGC director Dr. Kenny Beckman, UMGC Innovation Lab lead Dr. Daryl Gohl and UMN investigator Dr. Dan Knights received the Committee’s Choice Award by the Office of the VP of Research and UMN Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC), for their success in spinning out UMN technology through the formation of Saint Paul-based CoreBiome, Inc. Watch more about Corebiome.

Hack the HiSeq: Outdated HiSeq instruments seek new applications


Displaced by the NovaSeq, our HiSeq 2500 instruments are a former cutting-edge technology that are still functional, but no longer cost-effective as a sequencing technology. We hereby offer our two retired HiSeqs (Franklin, our high output HiSeq, will continue operating in the short-term) to any interested scientists, for free. With a 4-camera epifluorescence system, high-tech lasers, liquid handlers, and movable stages, these 500-lb instruments seek a MacGyver-type lab to explore new applications by hacking and repurposing these parts. Read how Stanford University uses the guts of an old Illumina instrument to study protein and nucleic acid interactions. Interested? 


American Society of Virology Meeting | July 20-24 – The 38th annual ASV meeting will be hosted on the Twin Cities campus this year to bring together investigators across the country who study human, animal, insect, plant, and fungal, and bacterial viruses. For UMN attendees, visit the UMGC’s table at the University Rec Center for expert consult on experimental set-up, resources, and latest pricing – or just to say hello.

GenoFest | Friday, October 4th – Save-the-date for our annual fall genomics event – GenoFest – for exciting updates in genomic technologies and future plans for our core facility.