UMGC joins Assurance Testing Alliance

CIC Health and Ariadne Labs announce the Assurance Testing Alliance

Platform to help expand COVID-19 testing access nationwide

CAMBRIDGE, MA - CIC Health and the non-profit Ariadne Labs today announce the formation of the Assurance Testing Alliance (ATA), a coalition that aims to dramatically expand U.S. coronavirus testing access to allow a safer reopening of the economy and our communities.

ATA has created an infrastructure to streamline and connect the entire process of procuring and delivering COVID-19 testing.  

“The ATA will improve access to regular assurance testing by making it simpler and cheaper for individuals and organizations, and linking that demand to the untapped capacity of labs,” said Tim Rowe, CEO of CIC Health, the central logistics and contracting entity of the ATA.

ATA handles the logistics and operations required to connect laboratories with schools, elder care settings, employers, and other communities that need regular testing. Thus far, ATA member organizations have contracted with several laboratories to enable nationwide impact, including the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard in Massachusetts, Guardant Health in California, and University of Minnesota's Genomics Center in Minnesota. Because of its unique model, testing services through ATA will typically be available for less than half the prevailing costs. Read more here