UMGC Service Disruptions

January 12, 2022

A message to our users:

As we enter 2022 and continue to navigate COVID-19, we want to proactively provide details about current and any potential future UMGC service disruptions. 

Due to the surge of the COVID-19 Omicron variant, we are experiencing a temporary shortage of operational staff in certain service areas, and as a consequence, the turnaround time for a service may be impacted. Operation managers are modifying staff schedules and adjusting for those who are out sick, but you may still notice a delay in your project’s progress and/or communication responses for that impacted service. 

In addition, as your own research labs have experienced, the pandemic has stressed the supply chain for basic lab consumables and reagents, and the UMGC is not immune to this. We act quickly and creatively with distributors to find an alternative supply, but some of our instruments require specific reagents or the use of special tips, and we are unable to proceed until this supply is received. With most supplies coming from out-of-state and even overseas, staff shortages with airlines, commercial shippers, and warehouses due to Omicron have also created delivery delays. 

We appreciate your patience as the UMGC adjusts to fluctuating staffing, supplies, and deliveries due to the Omicron variant. Please reach out to a service manager for service-specific turnaround times and questions. 

Thank you and be well, 

UMN Genomics Center