Fluidigm C1 Targeted Gene Expression (BioMark HD)


When combined with high-throughput quantitative PCR on the BioMark HD, the Fluidigm C1 provides the ability to quantify the expression of up to 96 genes in up to 96 cells. A Fluidigm C1 targeted gene expression project includes two costs: 1) C1 capture/pre-amplification, and 2) real-time PCR quantification on the BioMark HD. On the pricing pane, rates for C1 capture/pre-amplification are listed (for BioMark HD costs, see the Expression Analysis section). Please note that in addition to the C1 costs listed on the Pricing pane, there are one-time costs to acquire gene-specific primer pairs required for the BioMark HD system.

Pre-amplification combines reverse-transcription and multiplexed PCR amplification to “boost” the concentration of specific amplicons prior to microfluidic analysis on the BioMark HD. Note, the analysis of miRNAs is also possible on single cells (please inquire).


Contact us at single-cell@umn.edu


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Service Scale Unit UMN External
Single-chip Capture/pre-amplification.        
Up to 96 cells. 1-any run $1,084.36 $1,249.16
Material from this service is used as input for BioMark HD analysis (see Gene Expression section).        

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How to Order

Contact us at single-cell@umn.edu to schedule a capture time. Client needs to be present during scheduled capture time in 1-210 Cancer & Cardiovascular Research Building.

Complete the C1 Project Initiation Form.

Bring 250 cell / uL in a minimum 20 uL media. Single-cell suspension can be submitted in any type of media. Note: Please provide extra media in case the single-cell suspension needs to be diluted.


Captured cells.

An Excel report is emailed to client with PicoGreen concentrations with a link to images in the Imaging Center.