Sample Manipulation


A prerequisite for many projects is the manipulation of sample collections prior to analysis. We have liquid handling robots for manipulating plates of samples in a high-throughput fashion, and systems for maintaining large sample collection in 2D-barcoded tubes.

Our XL20 robot automates 2D-barcoded tube sorting, sample retrieval, and tracking. Sample tracking is achieved through barcoding all points throughout processing. Our internal LIMS logs all of the collected data (sample 2D barcode, location, volume, concentration etc). for comprehensive sample storage. The UMGC currently stores and manages tens of thousands of samples for clients who are routinely using one of our services.


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Service Scale Unit UMN External
Plate Transfer. 1-any plate of 96 $26.49 $30.50
Sample Normalization.        
For samples associated with projects. 1-24 sample $2.00 $2.31
Sample Pull.        
2D Barcoded Tube and other. 1-any plate of 96 $68.39 $78.81
Sample Pull. Dispensed Fixed Volume.
Into 96-well plate. 1-94 plate of 96 $3.48 $4.02
Into 96-well plate. 95-384 plate of 96 $2.68 $3.14
Into 96-well plate. 385-any plate of 96 $1.93 $2.31
Sample Pull. Normalization.        
Into 96-well plate. 1-any sample $2.71 $3.27

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How to Order

Please contact for project specifications.


Samples are prepared as requested for client to pickup or for downstream processing.


What is the turnaround time?

Please contact for specific project turnaround time.