Uniplex genotyping using Taqman chemistry is useful for the analysis of sets of fewer than 4-6 SNPs, for follow-up of SNPs whose performance in other platforms has been unsatisfactory, or for simple validation of results. Pricing for a uniplex genotyping project includes two different components: 1) acquisition of a Taqman assay, and 2) the cost of genotyping per se, which is assessed per 384-well plate. Taqman assays are ordered from Thermo Fisher Scientific (ABI), which maintains a library of hundreds of thousands of predesigned assays for human, mouse, and other organisms, and the UMGC offers validation (amplification efficiency across a dilution series of model template) for Taqman assays. Custom Taqman assays are also available (please inquire).


Contact Jerry Daniel: genotype@umn.edu


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Service Scale Unit UMN External
Taqman Assay Acquisition.        
Small Scale. 1-any probe $341.26 $392.15
Medium Scale. 1-any probe $537.89 $618.09
Large Scale. 1-any probe $1,032.51 $1,186.47
Taqman Genotyping.        
Low Scale. 1-2 plate of 384 $232.42 $267.19
Standard Scale. 3-4 plate of 384 $131.51 $151.16
High Scale. 5-8 plate of 384 $115.76 $133.10
Very High Scale. 9-any plate of 384 $92.35 $106.12




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Order Procedures

1. Please review our DNA Submission Guidelines.

2. Complete the SNP and Sample Submission Form.

3. Complete the DNA Submission Form.

4. Email both forms to genotype@umn.edu

Samples can be dropped-off at one of our laboratory locations.

  • 1-210 Cancer & Cardiovascular Research Building (Minneapolis campus)
  • 20 Snyder Hall (St. Paul campus)
If shipping samples, the following address should be used.

Please send the tracking information to genotype@umn.edu.

UMN Genomics Center
ATTN: Jerry Daniel
3510 Hopkins Place N.
Building 4 Suite W402
Oakdale, MN 55128


An Excel report is emailed to client.


What is the turnaround time?

Please contact genotype@umn.edu for specific project turnaround time.