Whole Genome Amplification


WGA from Small Samples

Researchers often encounter the issue of limited or insufficient DNA quantity for downstream analysis. To circumvent this, we use QIAGEN’s REPLI-g whole genome amplification technology to provide high yields of whole genomic DNA from small or precious samples. When amplifying good quality DNA, the resulting REPLI-g amplified DNA is well suited for genotyping applications, such as SNP genotyping with Agena’s iPLEX or Illumina’s BeadChip analysis.

WGA from Single-Cells

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) analysis is often limited by the small amount of sample available. The REPLI-g Single-Cell Kit is specially designed to uniformly amplify genomic DNA from single cells. Several publications have demonstrated the successful use of REPLI-g amplified DNA for Next-generation Sequencing (NGS) applications.

Both of the kits described above use Phi 29 polymerase to amplify genomic DNA using Multiple Displacement Amplification (MDA) technology, along with a gentle alkaline denaturation step to amplify genomic loci uniformly and ensure very low DNA fragmentation or generation of abasic sites. The typical DNA yields reach 40 µg with an average product length of over 10 kb.

Qiagen offers several other kits for WGA as well. Click here to see the entire list.



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Service Scale Unit UMN External
Whole Genome Amplification.        
8-10 µg Yield. 1-any sample $8.45 $9.72
30-40 µg Yield. 1-any sample $13.66 $15.70

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