Instrument Demos

The CoLab not only provides training and bench space at no cost but is also a hub for instrument demos, so researchers can trial new technologies without strings attached. 

Levicell EOS (Available June - July)

Now through July, the Levicell EOS will be available in the CoLab for free use by all UMN labs, including consumables for the processing of up to 8 samples per PI lab. The UMGC has purchased enough reagents for up to 25 PIs to carry out two runs apiece. Researchers may use the Levicell for as many samples as they wish, but any samples above 8 will incur a reagent cartridge fee of $50 per sample.

The Levicell EOS System by LevitasBio is a sophisticated instrument for viable cell purification and targeted cell depletion, which utilizes cellular levitation to:

  • Successfully enrich desired cells without labeling or high pressure in a hands-free 20-minute run
  • Remove debris and dead cells, even from samples with pre-processing viability below 10%
  • Recover viable cells from samples with as few as 8,000 cells
  • View samples in real-time during separation

To try out the Levicell EOS on your own samples, please contact Diana Rodriquez (, your local LevitasBio rep, and the UMGC CoLab ( to schedule a training time. Diana has set aside abundant time for training UMN researchers in the CoLab.

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