NGS Library Quality Control


The UMGC welcomes client-submitted NGS libraries but requires UMGC quality control assessment prior to sequencing. Client NGS library QC includes three bundled assays:

  1. PicoGreen quantification
  2. Quantitative capillary electrophoretic sizing (Agilent)
  3. Functional quantification (KAPA Biosystems Q-PCR)


Please contact for any questions about library QC.


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Service Scale Unit UMN External
KAPA Library QC.        
Library QC is required for libraries prepared outside the UMGC. This rate includes KAPA QC, PicoGreen, and Agilent sizing. 1-any sample $61.63 $71.15

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How to Order

For all direct sequencing submissions of NGS libraries created outside the UMGC, please contact

University researchers submitting NGS libraries for QC only please print and submit the completed submission form with your samples.

Submit 10 ul of sample with a concentration greater than 2 nM per sample in a 96-well plate (fill plate starting with A1-H1, A2-H2, etc.).


Contact for a submission form. 


A QC report is emailed to client including library concentration (both ng/ul and nM) and size (Agilent).


What is the turnaround time?

The UMGC guarantees a turnaround time of 7 days.