Genotyping Quality Control of DNA


High-throughput quality control for genotyping involves functional assays called “QC1”, “QC2”, and “QC3”. Unlike simple DNA quantification, which may fail to detect DNA impurities, these functional assays predict performance of DNA in genotyping. These assays are also useful for quantifying DNA that may be chemically pure, but of mixed origin (e.g., human buccal DNA that contains microbial DNA contamination). Another use for these assays is ensuring that fragmented DNA is of adequate length for PCR amplification.



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Service Scale Unit UMN External
A non-allelic Q-PCR assay that measures the quantity of PCR-amplifiable human DNA. 1-8 plate of 96 $59.73 $68.66
  9-any plate of 96 $41.45 $47.66
An end-point Taqman SNP genotyping assay that is a sensitive indicator of sample-to-sample cross-contamination. 1-8 plate of 96 $66.46 $76.41
  9-any plate of 96 $47.92 $55.11
The QC3 test is the same test as QC1, but designed for non-human DNA samples. Depending on the species to be tested, the UMGC may already have a QC3 Taqman assay designed. 1-8 plate of 96 $86.21 $99.08
  9-any plate of 96 $52.94 $60.83

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How to Order

Complete the DNA Submission form and email the completed form to with your samples.

Researchers should submit 10 ng of DNA per each QC assay in a 96-well plate according to the Submission Guidelines below.

DNA Submission Guidelines.


An Excel report is emailed to client.


What is the turnaround time?

The UMGC guarantees a turnaround time of 3 days.