Nucleic Acid Services

The UMGC provides a full suite of nucleic acid services. These include DNA and RNA extraction, sample inventory management and storage, and sample quality control and manipulation (i.e. whole genome amplification). 

Our robust experience with DNA and RNA extraction has resulted in optimized protocols for working with a variety of sample types, including samples requiring BSL 2+ lab certification. Good results have been obtained from plant and animal tissue, FFPE and FTA samples, buccal cells, whole blood of buffy coat preps, stool samples, fish fins, blood spots on filter paper, environmental samples, and more. More exotic extractions can also be carried out. Please contact UMGC staff for further discussion.

Following extraction nucleic acids can be returned to the researcher in barcoded plates or tubes, or archived at the UMGC for ongoing projects. Samples can also be further manipulated at the researcher’s request. For sample quality control needs, please see the Quality Control service options.

Downstream applications and services:


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