Illumina DNA Library Preparation


DNA-Seq methods differ in terms of the DNA fragmentation method, genome size of interest, use of PCR amplification in library creation, and the use of “mate-pair” technology. All of the protocols listed in this section utilize Illumina reagents and protocols.

TruSeq Nano

This is a “standard” NGS workflow: 1) acoustic shearing of DNA, 2) enzymatic repair/ligation of adaptors, and 3) PCR amplification.

Nextera XT

This “transposase” method does not involve physical fragmentation of gDNA, but instead uses direct incorporation of Illumina adaptors via “tagmentation”.

This workflow is tailored to small genomes, such as those of bacteria. In both Nextera and Nextera XT methods, PCR is used to amplify successful tagmented molecules.


This method is designed to avoid GC-bias associated with methods such as TruSeq and Nextera.


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Service Scale Unit UMN External
Illumina. Nextera XT. Quarter reaction.        
Standard scale. With library QC. 1-96 sample $53.45  $61.77 
High scale. With library QC. 97-any sample $48.02  $55.53 
Standard scale. No library QC. 1-96 sample $39.82  $45.82 
High scale. No library QC. 97-any sample $32.95  $37.90 
Illumina Nextera XT. Full-scale reaction.        
Standard scale. 1-96 sample $106.33 $122.64 
High scale. 97-any sample $95.90  $110.63 
Illumina DNA Prep.        
Standard scale. 1-96 sample $120.36  $138.79 
High scale. 97-any sample $104.44  $120.42 
Additional kit options.        
Illumina TruSeq Nano. 1-any sample $174.67  $201.27 
Illumina PCR Free. 1-any sample inquire inquire
Rubicon ThruPlex. 1-any sample inquire inquire

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How to Order

1. Please contact for project specifications.

2. Once project details are finalized, complete the appropriate submission form for submitting samples or submitting client-made libraries and email to

Illumina Sequencing Request Form (Libraries)
Illumina Sequencing Request Form (Samples)

Shipping Instructions

Samples should be frozen and shipped on dry ice in a 96-well plate. We recommend using plate tape to seal the wells. Place the plate inside of a plastic bag prior to placing on dry ice. Please give advance notice of submission date and time so staff can be prepared to receive samples. If shipping samples from outside the University of Minnesota, ship via express shipping carrier on dry ice to the address below.

Samples can be dropped off at one of our campus locations

Samples can be shipped to the following address:

Please send the tracking information to

University of Minnesota Genomics Center
1475 Gortner Ave.
28 Snyder Hall
St. Paul, MN 55108


What is the turnaround time?

Generally, turnaround is 6-8 weeks for standard NGS projects. However, please contact for specific project turnaround time.