BioMark Q-RT-PCR


The Fluidigm BioMark HD is a microfluidic, high-throughput instrument for real-time Q-RT-PCR of up to 9,216 reactions in a single run. The heart of the platform is a microfluidic chip called an “Integrated Fluidic Circuit (IFC)” into which are deposited amplification-ready templates (e.g., cDNA) and gene-specific assays (e.g., Taqman). The IFC performs automatic mixing of templates and assays in nanoliter amplification wells, followed by real-time PCR and data capture on the BioMark HD.

High-throughput IFCs can be run at the UMGC in three formats (# templates vs # assays): 1) 96.96 (9,216 reactions), 2) 48.48 (2,304 reactions) and 3) 192.24 (4,608 reactions). A fourth IFC also exists – the “FLEXsix IFC” – containing six independent 12.12 arrays that can be run independently for small-scale experiments or pilot runs.

Use of the Fluidigm BioMark involves two costs: 1) the IFC itself, 2) Chip processing. Chip processing may be performed by the UMGC (high-throughput IFCs), or by clients themselves, who therefore pay only for the instrument access (FLEXsix IFC).


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How to Order

Contact for project specifications.

If running your own IFC on the BioMark, please fill out the submission form prior to scheduling a run.



Client is emailed a data package.