Illumina DNA Sequence Capture


Note: The UMGC will be closed from Monday, May 16 - Friday, May 20, and we will not be processing or receiving samples during this week. 

Sequence Capture

Sequence capture is used to enrich genomic regions of interest, thereby reducing the sequencing depth (and cost) needed to obtain a given coverage level. Capture baits are oligonucleotides that are used to pull-down complementary DNA through hybridization. Both custom and pre-designed capture baits are available from several vendors (listed in the Vendor Options tab), for a variety of applications.

Exome sequencing

Exome sequencing is a common application of sequence capture that enriches for exons, the coding region of expressed genes. As an example, the human exome constitutes about 1% of the total genome size. A variety of pre-defined exome panels, or expanded exome panels, are available from Agilent, Roche (NimbleGen), and Illumina.

Epigenetic capture

The SeqCap Epi workflow from Roche (NimbleGen) is available to capture DNA for methylation analysis. Following library creation, DNA is bisulfite treated and then amplified before capture. The capture probes are designed to target both methylated and unmethylated DNA, allowing for downstream analysis of epigenetic modifications in large genomic regions or whole exomes.

Custom designs

While many off-the-shelf options exist, it is often desirable or necessary to develop a custom capture for a specific target or organism. We have significant experience working with vendors to develop baits for these custom projects. We can coordinate and carry-out your entire project, from the design phase through data delivery. Please inquire.


Sequence capture projects include two costs:

  1. Library creation (labor and generic reagents)
  2. Application-specific capture reagents, including baits and vendor-specific library creation reagents.

In the Pricing tab, we show the costs for the first portion using workflows from Agilent, Roche (NimbleGen), or IDT. For the additional costs associated with baits, please inquire.




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Service Scale Unit UMN External
Seq-Cap Library Creation: Agilent/NimbleGen/IDT.        
Standard Scale. 1-16 sample $151.65 $174.64
High Scale. 17-48 sample $124.56 $144.99
Very High Scale. 49-any sample $102.91 $121.34

There are more bait options offered by vendors than we can list here. Please contact us for more information. 


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How to Order

Please contact for project specifications.

Once project details are finalized, complete appropriate submission form for submitting samples or submitting client-made libraries and email to

Shipping Instructions

Samples should be frozen and shipped on dry ice in a 96-well plate. We recommend using plate tape to seal the wells. Place the plate inside of a plastic bag prior to placing on dry ice. Please give advance notice of submission date and time so staff can be prepared to receive samples. If shipping samples from outside the University of Minnesota, ship via express shipping carrier on dry ice to the address below:

Samples can be dropped-off at one of our laboratory locations.

1-202 Nils Hasselmo Hall (Minneapolis campus)

1-210 Cancer & Cardiovascular Research Building (Minneapolis campus)

20 Snyder Hall (St. Paul campus)

If shipping samples, the following address should be used.

Please send the tracking information to

University of Minnesota Genomics Center
1475 Gortner Avenue
28 Snyder Hall
St. Paul, MN 55108


What is the turnaround time?

Sequence capture projects are considered custom projects and not subject to standard turnaround times. Please contact to inquire about availability and estimated turnaround for specific projects.