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The NanoString nCounter is a single-molecule counting device for the digital quantification of up to 800 different genes in a single multiplexed reaction. The technology uses molecular “barcodes”, each of which is color-coded and attached to a single probe corresponding to a gene of interest, in combination with solid-phase hybridization and automated imaging and detection. Panels of barcoded probes are called “CodeSets”. Unique features of nCounter analysis include direct hybridization to RNA (no reverse-transcription required), exquisite discrimination of closely-related miRNA species, and simple, spreadsheet-based digital output. The nCounter also excels when processing poor quality or low quantity samples.


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Service Scale Unit UMN External
nCounter Expression Analysis. Processing.
Price excludes CodeSet cost, but includes labor, instrument time, and “universal” reagents.1 12-any sample $52.12 $59.90
nCounter miRNA. Processing.
Price excludes CodeSet cost, but includes labor, instrument time, and “universal” reagents.1 12-any sample $58.76 $67.52

1) Because the range of content options on the nCounter evolves rapidly, please contact the UMGC (and peruse the NanoString website) for details on the availability and pricing of pre-designed nCounter CodeSets. Please contact the UMGC for an inclusive quote.

For a list of pre-made panels, please see the attached document: NanoString Pre-Made Panels.


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How to Order

Contact for project specifications.

Project submission guidelines and submission form can be found here. Please email the completed form to and print the “NanoString Project Information” section under tab 3 and submit with your samples.

Samples can be dropped-off at one of our laboratory locations.

1-210 Cancer & Cardiovascular Research Building (Minneapolis campus)
20 Snyder Hall (St. Paul campus)

If shipping samples, the following address should be used.

Please send the tracking information to

University of Minnesota Genomics Center
Attn: Darrell Johnson
4Front / Building 4 Suite E445A
3510 Hopkins Place N.
Oakdale, MN 55128   


Client is emailed a data package from nSolver analysis software. This data package will contain:

  1. *.csv files for non-normalized data.
  2. *.csv files for normalized data.
  3. An *.html file containing the experiment report.
  4. *.RCC Files. These are instrument files for performing your own custom analysis.


Is software available for nCounter data?

Yes, nSolver can be downloaded for free at