Epigenetic modifications of DNA and certain DNA-associated proteins can have a profound impact on gene regulation, the two most widely studied phenomena being DNA methylation and histone modifications. In the past decade, assays that profile different aspects of the epigenome have grown exponentially in number and variation. 

The UMGC offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-throughput epigenomic profiling methods that vary in terms of resolution, cost, coverage, and data analysis. Both array-based and sequencing-based methods are available at the UMGC. 

Illumina Methylation Arrays enable quantitative interrogation of selected methylation sites across the genome, offering high-throughput capabilities that minimize the cost per sample. Contact genotype@umn.edu

Next-generation sequencing is used to profile genome methylation and status chromatin at single-nucleotide resolution. Contact next-gen@umn.edu

If your project has unique requirements, higher complexity, or needs optimization, our Custom Services can do non-routine protocols not offered through our Standard Services.