NGS Library Manipulation


It may be desirable for your lab to make libraries outside of the UMGC, either to reduce costs or to implement protocols that are not offered as standard services by the UMGC. In order to help researchers with their own library creation efforts, the UMGC offers a variety of DNA manipulation services “à la carte”. These include DNA shearing, LabChip XT size-selection, and library pooling and quality control.


Contact Elyse Froehling:


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Service Scale Unit UMN External
DNA Shearing. Covaris.        
This rate includes Agilent DNA sizing. 8-any sample inquire inquire
Caliper LabChip XT Size Selection. DNA.        
This rate includes Agilent DNA sizing. 1-any sample inquire inquire
Library Pooling. 96-well plate. 1-any plate of 96 inquire inquire

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How to Order

Covaris DNA Shearing

Please print and submit a completed form with your samples:
Covaris Shearing Internal Submission Form
Covaris Shearing External Submission Form

Caliper LabChip XT Size Selection or Library Pooling

Please contact for project specifications.

Shipping Instructions

Samples should be frozen and shipped on dry ice in a 96-well plate. We recommend using plate tape to seal the wells. Place the plate inside of a plastic bag prior to placing on dry ice. Please give advance notice of submission date and time so staff can be prepared to receive samples. If shipping samples from outside the University of Minnesota, ship via express shipping carrier on dry ice to the address below.

Samples can be dropped off at one of our campus locations

1-210 Cancer & Cardiovascular Research Building (Minneapolis campus)

20 Snyder Hall (St. Paul campus)

Samples can be shipped to the following address:

Please send the tracking information to

University of Minnesota Genomics Center
1475 Gortner Ave.
28 Snyder Hall
St. Paul, MN 55108


What is the turnaround time?

Please contact for specific project turnaround time.