Gene Expression

The UMGC offers quantitative analysis of gene expression via a number of different methods, including sequencing-based (RNA-Seq), traditional Q-RT-PCR, microfluidic Q-RT-PCR (Fluidigm BioMark HD), and molecular counting (NanoString nCounter) methods. We provide gene expression analysis in bulk RNA and in single-cell formats.

On this page, you will find information on three technologies: the NanoString nCounter, traditional 384-well Quantitative RT-PCR, and High-throughput Quantitative RT-PCR on the Fluidigm BioMark HD.

Details and pricing for other gene expression methods are found elsewhere. Sequencing-based transcriptome analysis (RNA-Seq) and single-cell RNA-Seq are described in the Next-generation Sequencing and Single-cell Genomics respectively. Details and pricing for microfluidic, PCR-based, and molecular counting methods are described in their respective sections. Please see sidebar for more details.