UMGC Research Town Hall with CFANS

Evolution of Genomics Technologies and of the UMGC

Date: Thursday, February 22nd, 2024
Time: 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.
Format: Zoom

Genomics is in transition, and so is the UMGC. Sequencing per se is becoming a commodity, and wet-lab genomics is no longer primarily about sequencer hardware; the UMGC will not serve the UMN community simply by owning and operating "big iron". At the same time, the "software" of wet-lab genomics -- the myriad ways of constructing libraries to feed into sequencers -- is flourishing like never before. 

In response, the UMGC is undergoing a physical and organizational transformation aiming to make it the best possible partner for help with "wet-lab software". This includes the announcement of its tiered services, which will give users more control over the "speed-versus-cost" tradeoff, and the consolidation of routine service operations into a large off-campus lab where it will be able to achieve the efficiencies and scale that tiered service offerings will require. It will also involve the launch of a walk-in access in the CCRB location, where UMGC will train and host scientists to directly access the tools that they have.

The CFANS research community is invited to attend this event, at which UMGC Director Kenny Beckman will share details about the changes to the UMGC, answer questions, and welcome feedback.

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