Parse Biosciences Webinar

The Implications of Single-Cell at Unprecedented Scale

Speakers: Samantha O’Neill, Technical Sales Manager & Joe Musmacker Director, Application Support

Parse Biosciences’ Evercode split pool combinatorial barcoding platform has enabled researchers to perform single cell experiments with unprecedented scale and ease. The ability to scale up to 1 million cells or nuclei across up to 96 samples at a time means researchers no longer need to compromise on experimental design.

  • Unprecedented scalability – Up to 96 unique biological samples and 1,000,000 cells or nuclei in a single experiment.
  • Increased sensitivity – Parse’s platform demonstrates high transcript detection even in cells with low RNA content.
  • Increased resolution – A lower doublet rate than anything else on the market (observed doublets of 3.2% for 1M cells). Researchers can trust the data is true single cell data.
  • Simplified workflow – By separating the sample extraction from downstream library preparation, Parse empowers researchers to run fixed samples collected on different dates or at different locations together in a single experiment.
  • Easy to get started – Researchers can bypass the need for expensive and complicated microfluidic instruments to get started quickly. There are no maintenance fees or custom instruments required.

This talk will dive into how the power of high throughput single cell profiling on Evercode can be used to accelerate your research.

Date: Thursday, March 31st, 2022
Time: 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (CST)







About Parse Biosciences Inc.

At the core of Parse Biosciences is their pioneering approach for single cell sequencing. Single-cell sequencing has already enabled groundbreaking discoveries which have led to new understandings of cancer treatment, tissue repair, stem cell therapy, kidney and liver disease, brain development, and the immune system. At Parse Biosciences, they are providing researchers with the ability to perform single cell sequencing with unprecedented scale and ease.