Oligonucleotide Synthesis


Important Notice

As of August 1, 2022, the UMGC no longer hosts the IDT oligo service, and users are no longer able to access the UMGC’s IDT portal using your UMN internet ID and password. As of that date, we discontinued the distribution of oligos to our NHH, CCRB, and Snyder locations for user pick up, except for orders placed on or before July 31. 

Users should now order IDT oligos using IDT’s punchout in U Market. Alternatively, you can order directly from IDT with a PO or a credit card.

Here's a summary of what has not changed:

  • U Market’s IDT pricing is comparable to what you are accustomed to with the UMGC.
  • Turnaround will remain the same and IDT will continue to ship orders overnight. 
  • Users will continue to pay with an EFS chartfield string.

Here's a summary of what has changed:

  • Shipping and handling have changed. Users should reach out to Sean Hurlburt (shurlburt@idtdna.com) and Leah Isbell with UMarket (lisbell@umn.edu) for the most up-to-date shipping and handling contract info. 
  • Users no longer pick up orders at NHH, CCRB, or Snyder, but receive oligos in the same manner that FedEx delivers your other supplies. Labs on the St. Paul campus will likely now receive their orders earlier in the day than after 3:00 p.m. in Snyder Hall. 
  • Users have the flexibility to negotiate with IDT on further discounts for bulk or specialty orders.
  • Your point of contact is no longer the UMGC, but your IDT sales representative: Sean Hurlburt at shurlburt@idtdna.com.

Researchers unfamiliar with U Market should read their Quick Start Guide; all University staff and faculty should have U Market access. Reach out to ums@umn.edu and your departmental finance administration for U Market support.

The shifting of oligo ordering to U Market is part of the UMGC’s 2022 mission to modernize our services by focusing on cutting-edge genomics tools and expanding our contracted services. We appreciate your understanding and continued support through this time of growth and change.


If you have any questions about ordering, pricing, and shipping and handling, please reach out to your IDT representative, Sean Hurlburt at shurlburt@idtdna.com. For questions about the discontinuation of our IDT oligo service, please contact Kenny Beckman, UMGC director, at kbeckman@umn.edu.