Oligonucleotide Synthesis


The UMGC has a partnership with Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) for the purpose of providing UMN researchers with high quality oligonucleotide synthesis. Service options include DNA and RNA synthesis in a range of scales from 10 nmole to 10 umole, gBlock Gene Synthesis and Custom Genes, and a variety of other products available through our IDT Portal on the ONLINE ORDERING SYSTEM.

In addition to products, the IDT Portal also gives access to the spec. sheets and QC information for each of your orders, as well as IDT’s oligonucleotide knowledge base.


Contact us at oligo@umn.edu.


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Listed below are standard DNA Oligos. Full catalog can be accessed via our IDT Portal within the UMGC ONLINE ORDERING SYSTEM.


Service Scale Unit UMN
Oligo Synthesis. 25 nM scale.      
Standard desalted. 15 - 60 bases. 1-any base $0.20
Oligo Synthesis. 100 nM scale.      
Standard desalted. 10 - 90 bases. 1-any base $0.40
Oligo Synthesis. 250 nM scale.      
Standard desalted. 5 - 100 bases. 1-any base $0.55
Oligo Synthesis. 1 nM scale.
Standard desalted. 5 - 100 bases. 1-any base $1.50
Oligo Synthesis. 10 nM scale.      
Standard desalted. 96-well plate. 1-any base $0.15

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How to Order

This service is only available to University researchers by using your x500 to login to the UMGC ONLINE ORDERING SYSTEM.

As an example, an order for a simple oligonucleotide order is as follows, however, other products will have different ordering procedures.

  1. From ORDER FORMS, click on the link for “Custom Oligos via IDT Customer Portal”.
  2. Fill in the PI Information, pick your EFS, and click the “Save Order and Launch UMGC IDT Portal” button.
  3. Click the Products tab to be redirected to the Products page.
  4. Select Custom DNA Oligos from the Products page.
  5. Choose the number of oligos you would like to order (this can be changed in the form as well).
  6. Select the scale and purification.
  7. Insert the Sequence Name and the Sequence.
  8. Select any modifications you would like in the sequence.
  9. Add to Order.
  10. If your order is complete, Checkout, otherwise, Continue Shopping.
  11. Select whether you want Paper or Electronic Spec. Sheets.
  12. Continue to the next page, choose your Pickup Location
    • 1-202 Nils Hasselmo Hall (Minneapolis campus)
    • 1-210 Cancer & Cardiovascular Research Building (Minneapolis campus)
    • 20 Snyder Hall (St. Paul campus)
  13. Submit the order.
  14. Before you can place another order, YOU MUST create the order on the UMGC ONLINE ORDERING SYSTEM, NOT on the IDT Portal itself.


You will receive a confirmation email after your order has been approved by the UMGC and IDT. The email will generally be sent the next business day following your order date (usually in the morning).

You will receive an email after your entire order is ready for pick-up from the location noted on your order.

  • 1-202 Nils Hasselmo Hall (Minneapolis campus)
  • 1-210 Cancer & Cardiovascular Research Building (Minneapolis campus)
  • 20 Snyder Hall (St. Paul campus)

Each order will be packaged in a shipping envelope with your name on the envelope; the oligo(s) and paper spec. sheet(s) are included in the envelope.


What products can I order from IDT’s Portal?

All of IDT’s products are available except for the Oligo Cards & Miscellaneous category.


Where can I learn more about IDT’s products?

Each of IDT’s products has a brief overview, which can be found by going to the product’s individual page, located under the Products tab. IDT also has an extensive FAQ and other resources under the Support tab. For more specific information, you can contact IDT directly by going to the Contact page under the Support tab.


What is the best web browser to access the IDT Portal?

The recommended web browsers to use are Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Google Chrome is not recommended as the Portal has had complications and does not work correctly on Chrome.


Why do I see a blank screen after I log in to the Portal?

Sometimes it takes a few seconds to redirect to the IDT site or your web browser may be blocking entry to IDT’s site. You may need to add an exception for www.idtdna.com and www.umn.edu.


How do I view my Order History and look into a previous order?

Your Order History is visible on the IDT Portal. To view a previous order made on the Portal:


  • You should keep a Pending Order on your account permanently. 
  • Click the Order Number, you will then be redirected to the Portal.
  • In the Order drop-down menu at the top of the Portal window, select Order History.
  • Or you can Create a new order, then follow the same steps as above.

Here you can view the order contents, download spec. sheets, and download the QC documents for any of orders you have placed on the Portal.


Why am I unable to Submit my order?

If you have recently placed an order on the Portal, then it is likely that you did not completely log out of the  ONLINE ORDERING SYSTEM, and so your new order did not generate an Internal Order Number. To correct this, you will need to log out of the  ONLINE ORDERING SYSTEM completely, and then log in again. Any items that have been added to your cart will be saved. If this is not the case, then please contact us via email at oligo@umn.edu, or phone, 612-624-3177, so we can help resolve the issue.


Is there access to primer design software?

Yes, there is primer design software available through the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute (MSI): Primer3. IDT also has primer design software on their website, PrimerQuest, which is also available on the IDT Portal under the Tools menu.


How do I dilute my primer?

IDT has an online calculator that can be used for primer dilution.