Sanger Sequencing

The UMGC provides Sanger sequencing on an Applied Biosystems 3730xl DNA Analyzer. This 96-capillary instrument affords rapid, high-throughput service with read lengths of up to 800-1000 bp with performance depending on the quality of the template and the sequence context. For factors affecting Sanger sequencing robustness and data quality, please see our whitepaper.

Our Sanger services are geared to the need for low-cost, rapid, routine sequencing of template-primer reactions assembled by clients (“Classic” service), although we also are able to work with clients to optimize difficult-to-sequence regions.

All services use ABI BigDye Terminator version 3.1 chemistry.


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Service Option Repeat reaction
if failure
hard copy?
Includes quantification
Classic Sequencing.
Tube Submission.
Yes Yes No
Plate Submission.
No No No
Sanger Quality Check and Sequencing. Tube Submission. Yes Yes Yes
Sanger Quality Check and Sequencing. Plate Submission. Yes No Yes
Clean and Load Only No No No
Custom Option Sequencing. Yes, except for
Yes No