Spatialomics Interest Group Meeting (12/08)

UMN Researchers Spatialomic Presentations

Join us for the last virtual meeting for fall semester! Attend to hear Dr. Dorr present on his research using NanoString's GeoMX DSP and WTA and hear Dr. He present on the Nelson lab's research using the MIBI. 

Title: Digital Spatial Profiling of Kidney Allograft Biopsies with Chronic Allograft Dysfunction in African American Transplant Recipients
Speaker: Casey DorrAssistant Professor, Medicine 
Overview: African American kidney transplant recipients have significantly worse allograft survival after biopsy for chronic allograft dysfunction (CGD). We used digital spatial profiling (Nanostring GeoMX with whole transcriptome atlas) to investigate the molecular and cellular mechanisms of allograft loss in CGD biopsies. This presentation will go over the workflow and preliminary findings.

Title: Characterize RHAMM heterogeneity in breast cancer and its association with tumor invasion niche via digital spatial profiling & MIBI
Speaker: Yuyu HePost-Doctoral Associate, LMP (Andy Nelson lab)
Overview: Hyaluronan mediated motility receptor (HMMR, aka RHAMM) is upregulated in triple-negative breast cancers, but there is large heterogeneity. This is a pilot project that focuses on characterizing the heterogeneity of RHAMM expression in breast cancer and explore its association with tumor invasion niche. We applied digital spatial profiling and MIBI on a triple negative breast cancer section to see how genes’ expression vary and how different immune cells distribute across the section.

Date: Wednesday, December 8, 2021
Time: 10 - 11:00 a.m.
No recording due to unpublished, preliminary data.

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